Capabilities and fields of activity

Design and production of various car steering systems based on the design certificate of the DQS German company


  • Design and production of Rack hydraulic steering system for cars

  • Design and production of hydraulic ball screw control systems for sedans, vans and pick-ups

  • Design and production of mechanical steering boxes for sedans, vans and pick-ups

  • Design and production of various types of steering columns for sedans, vans and pick-ups

  • Design and production of steering intermediate shafts, telescopic steering columns and etc. for all types of vehicles

 Design and manufacture of assembly lines, special devices and laboratory equipment

  • Design and construction of various assembly lines for parts, including production lines related to vehicle steering systems

  • Design and manufacture of various devices for the production of automatic and semi-automatic parts

  • Design and manufacture of laboratory equipment such as testing devices, gauges, control fixtures and etc.

Production of various parts and sets of special parts related to different industries

  • Manufacturing all kinds of special parts with the most advanced and unique CNC machine tools, CNC milling, CNC lathe, CNC hub, shipping and also benefiting from a set of specialized machines in the field of parts manufacturing

  • Design and production of special parts sets such as special gearboxes, military sets as well as car parts sets such as brake systems, and etc.

  • Design and production of spline and thread roller forming in accordance with international standards

  • Manufacturing a set of special parts with the use of static paint lines, induction heat treatment machines, all types of lathes, milling, flat grinding machine, internal cylindrical grinding machine, CNC oil-flute grinding machine, tool grinding machine, centerless (cylindrical) grinding machine, external worm grinding machine, all kinds of forming machines, various welding systems and various presses

Laboratory services with the most advanced equipment

  • Conducting all tests related to car hydraulic and mechanical steering systems by test equipment which was approved by car companies as the most advanced car steering system laboratory in Iran

  • Providing all types of dimensional control services by the most advanced equipment such as CMM, VMM and Micro-Hite height measuring device

  • Providing all types of metallurgical control services by the most advanced metallographic devices, hardness tester, micro hardness, and etc.

  • Benefiting considerable advantages in terms of acoustic room with dimensions of 8 cubic meters and with a filter of 35 decibel of noise pollution